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Gravity(FF7 doujinshi) - Online Order

Gravity(FF7 doujinshi) - Online Order

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La Vie en Rose
This doujin was sold out last Light's Out con (a local BL event here) so me and Nami decided to re-print Gravity. Here's the info for those who wants to buy it.^^

Price: 4 USD (+shipping)
Pages: 80
Size: A5
Binding: Perfect Binding
Pairing/s: SephirothxCloud / ZackxCloud
Rating: R-15
Language: English, reads right-to-left
Sample pages: x x
(each book comes with a free postcard)

croix_souillees is the one handling the payments so please click the link below for the rest of the info:

Click here for shipping and payment details

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  • I am thinking of buying this :) Your artwork is so pretty ♥
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