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Landing on LBP!

Landing on LBP!

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La Vie en Rose

Been wanting to draw LBP(Little Big Planet)!Seph so thus. xD

*scroll down for the extra*



And this is why you don't pick anything that resembles Seph...
  • LBP Seph looks great! LOL

    I've bought LBP for my hubby's Christmas...I hope he likes it. It'd be cool to download a Seph for it. Hah-hah. <3
  • Lmao! So cute. <3
  • Adorable!!! <333 Poor Zack. x3
  • So cuuuuuuute!! 8DD

    Aww... *feels bad for Zack* xDD
  • XDDDDDDDDDDD The adorable factor is already so high with Seph as a LBP, to have Zack and Cloud holding him just make the cuteness level skyrocket! AND I LOVE THE OMAKE~ :DDDD
  • Ahaha, great job drawing LBP Seph. I love the little extra too. XD Poor Zack. He should have known. :P
  • Wow, you can bet Seph's not a happy camper about this.

    Love the expression on Cloud's face. ^__^
  • That's adorable! xD LBP Seph looks so angry. xDDDDD *DOINK*
  • Hehehe~ I love it!
  • Nice one XD.

    Oh man, gotta start saving up for a PS3.
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